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How do I use GamStop?

Gambling can be fun and safe, as long as you follow measures to keep it that way. These can include controlling the time you spend on online casinos, deposit limits, time-outs, and even self-exclusion. This latter measure is the most extreme, available to those who require extra support to get their gambling habit under control. This is where GamStop comes into play.

What is GamStop?

So, what is GamStop? It is a free to use online self-exclusion service run by The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited, a not-for-profit organisation that helps those who may have issues with problem gambling. The service allows players to self-exclude from all UK licensed operators in the UK. 

Rather than self-excluding from each individual online casino, GamStop provides a one stop self-exclusion service. This bans the player from all participating casinos, and prevents them from signing up to a new site once they’ve self-excluded from one, as GamStop’s sweeping ban includes operators with which the player does not hold an account. GamStop currently does not stop a player from receiving promotional offers but these can be stopped by unsubscribing and contacting individual casino providers.

How long does a ban last?

A self-imposed ban using GamStop is the heaviest restriction measure so it goes without saying that the exclusion period is longer than with other methods. You can choose to self-exclude for a period of six months, one year, and up to five years. Not only does GamStop deny you access to any of your accounts it also prevents you from creating new accounts with any new casino operators. Once the period expires you will need to contact GamStop to reactivate any accounts.

How to set up GamStop?

We hope you never feel the need to use a service such as GamStop, but if you do you will be pleased to know that it is quick and simple to set up. Simply head to the GamStop website and provide a few details to confirm your identity and provide your email address that you’ve used for online gambling. The whole process takes just a few minutes, and will be in full effect within 24 hours. 

You should be aware that once GamStop has been activated this process cannot be reversed. You will not be able to use your accounts or set up new ones until the self-exclusion period has lapsed and you have contacted GamStop to remove the ban.

Is every site registered with GamStop?

Every UK Licensed casino is required to be registered with GamStop, providing a duty of care to the player. They will also have self-exclusion schemes from their website. Just as with GamStop, to reopen your account you will need to contact the operator. Always check that you are using a trusted casino, and that they are fully registered and licensed.

Before using GamStop

Before using GamStop, an extreme measure of controlling your gambling, you can first try establishing your budget by setting deposit limits, and also limiting the length of time you allow yourself to spend gambling. Make sure you do not gamble under the influence as this can make it difficult to stick to your agreed limits. 

Further support

If you feel you need further support you can call the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133 to receive confidential advice and support. You can also visit Gamcare’s website for advice and support. 

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