May 1, 2020

Wazdan’s new game releases

Wazdan, the innovative iGaming company with over 10 years experience in the industry, recently announced the launch of two brand new games.

The games offer two very different gaming experiences. One will transport players to the depths of the Wild West, while the other, more recent release, is based around the classic fruit slots.

Wild Wild West

First of Wazdan’s releases is Black Horse Deluxe. Players will venture to the plains of the Wild West, where they will encounter a glorious black stallion, as well as cowboys and cowgirls going about their business.

As is typical of Wazdan games, the visuals and design of Black Horse Deluxe are of a high quality. Players can enjoy stunning landscapes alongside the excitement provided by the game.

Black Horse Deluxe is a 6 reel slot game with 20 paylines. As they play, players will fill their bonus counter to try to activate the bonus which will allow them to collect up to 6 gold coins. This would then give them the opportunity to get the highest win possible!

There is also a Unique Gamble Feature where players can really immerse themselves in the Wild West by having a go at the classic cowboy game- horseshoe throwing. If they win, players could double their win!

Black Horse Deluxe has a Free Spins round where players, still accompanied by the black stallion and the cowboys and cowgirls, can aim to win some impressive prizes.

Andrzej Hyla, Head of Sales at Wazdan said:

“We are extremely proud of Black Horse Deluxe, our Wild West game title destined to please even the most discerning slot game player as it takes them on a journey like no other through the desert with friends and their trusty steed, in the pursuit of vast bonuses. Black Horse Deluxe is set to quickly become a player favourite.”

Get fruity

Wazdan’s other new game release is Lucky 9.

This offers a more classic, retro slot game, but one that is updated to make it relevant to today’s players! It is a colourful game with all kinds of fruit on the reels, and comes with a pixel twist.

Lucky 9 is a pixelated fruit world where players will get nostalgia and entertainment in equal measures. It comes with high-quality graphics and sound effects, that will really immerse players in this fruity world.

Like Black Horse Deluxe, Lucky 9 is a 6 reel slot with 20 paylines. The strawberry symbol offers the highest value wins, but players can increase these wins even further thanks to some special features like the pixelated Variable Win Multiplier. This will give players the chance to obtain multipliers that will stay on the reels until they land another multiplier.

The game also has Scatter symbols which grant players free spins. Players will enter a busy city-centre street for their free spins mode.

Lucky 9 has a Unique Gamble Feature too, which gives players the opportunity to try directing traffic. The aim is to not let the taxis collide, and if they do so they can increase their winnings.

Wazdan’s Andrzej Hyla said of the game:

“The team at Wazdan are extremely proud of Lucky 9, our fruity slot game designed to thrill players as it takes them back in time, in the pursuit of variable bonuses. Lucky 9 is sure to become a player favourite.”

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