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Covid concern: 1 in 4 would avoid casinos if they reopen in 2021!

A survey released by Omnico Group revealed that 77% of players feel reluctant to visit casinos if they reopen this year, with one in four saying they would not visit at all.

This is due to the ongoing threat of transmission with COVID-19 and fears that the casino environment would be unsafe. 

Depending on the circumstance, 54% of casino visitors enthusiasm to return if the right health and safety technology were in place.

Overall, 86% said they would research a casino’s COVID-19 safety measures before booking, with 61% saying they would visit elsewhere if these standards did not meet their expectations.

A standout point, meanwhile, was that 28% said they will only visit casinos that offer a contactless customer experience. Not a majority, but enough for Casino owners to take notice. 

This issue is also faced by many retail spaces and gyms. The problem is, it would be extremely difficult and costly to redesign and tailor slot machines in casinos to make them function touch-free. 

Many casinos across the world currently find themselves closed due to coronavirus lockdowns, although some remain open across different jurisdictions with restrictions in place, such as social distancing, mask-wearing, and regular disinfecting measures. 

Inevitably, this hit land-based revenue hard, causing profits to take a nosedive in 2020. 2021 looks sure to hold a similar story with the end of lockdown in the UK still far out of sight. 

On the other hand, the online casino marketplace is thriving now more than ever, with some calling it a pandemic-proof industry. By playing your favourite casino games online, you get the same thrills, the same wins, and none of the hassle or worry of social distancing.

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