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Bettors race to predict royal baby name!

On Valentine’s Day, Meghan and Prince Harry announced they are expecting their second child, sparking joy and excitement for fans of the young couple all over the world. 

This launched the royal baby betting markets into action, with bookies and the media at large speculating who the child could be named after. Many are hoping for a girl to be named after Harry’s beloved mother, Princess Diana.

Older brother Prince William paid tribute to the Princess of Wales in 2015 when naming his second-born, Charlotte Diana. Could the Duke of Sussex follow suit?

Similarly to when you could place a bet on Biden’s inauguration speech, bookies have announced special odds on this royal wonder. Here are PaddyPower’s current odds for the name of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s second-born baby:

  • Diana – 10/1
  • Arthur – 10/1
  • Allegra – 11/1
  • Albert – 12/1
  • Thomas – 12/1
  • Isabella – 12/1
  • Alice – 14/1
  • Edward 14/1
  • Abigail – 14/1
  • Charles – 16/1
  • Philip – 18/1
  • Andrew – 18/1
  • Alexandra – 18/1
  • Grace – 18/1
  • Emily – 20/1

These are the most popular ideas; all conformative and British, similar to the couple’s firstborn’s name, Archie. It is quite surprising to see Andrew in the running, considering the disgraced reputation Prince Harry’s uncle gained in 2019.

However, rules and tradition need not apply. With Prince Harry and Megan’s distancing from royal duties, and with this child eighth in-line for the throne, it is unlikely he or she will ever become Britain’s monarch. Therefore, these parents have far more freedom with naming.

As such, alongside all the usual Royal Windsor names, more unusual options have been thrown into the Royal Baby Name betting race – with real chances of being used.

These include American names, with wildcard options such as Donald 200/1, Kamala 100/1, even Oprah 200/1. 

As some of the couple’s closest friends have chosen more unique, modern names, like Rylan, Remi, Zalie, it is possible that the royal baby’s name has not yet been guessed.

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